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Maia Ming Designs S.L.

Set of 6 Sumi-E Ink Blot Design Plates (Custom Order)

Set of 6 Sumi-E Ink Blot Design Plates (Custom Order)

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*** This is custom order, before place an order please contact us.

Custom order set of 6 Hand-painted Sumi-e plates. Sumi-e is the Japanese art of black ink painting ("sumi"= black ink, "e"= painting) This simple, yet elegant art form was handed down to Japan from China. A minimal amount of brush strokes are used to create subtle ink paintings that stimulate the imagination. In traditional Japan, Sumi-e was a metaphor for the ephemeral world. Who doesn't love Food with Art? Every plate is hand-painted in my pottery studio and has a unique character. Perfect for daily use or elegant dinnerware celebrations. Easy to handle and fit well in the dishwasher. Available in 2 sizes: 23 and 28 cm diameter.




Porcelain can be microwaved, hand-washed, or placed carefully in dishwasher. 

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