As my hero Eva Zeisel said,

“The way an object feels is important. My hands are just as important as my eyes”.

Ceramics are tactile in nature, and the way an object feels is important. Something you touch daily becomes a part of your life.  So while it’s a great feeling to have my work recognised with design awards, happy customer feedback is even more satisfying. I enjoy making products that make people happy, and I love it when I can make a lot of people happy!

Maia Ming Fong was born in Hawaii, grew up in Italy and is currently based in Barcelona. She has been a designer and maker her whole life and has a particular passion for ceramics. Maia studied Product Design at Stanford University and has helped many companies create amazing products.

When her children were young, Maia took a pottery class with them and re-entered the world of ceramics. She began forming small pieces on the wheel and then adapting them by hand. This led to group and solo exhibits and greater demand for her work. Eventually, Maia began using slip cast molds to reproduce her ceramic designs in small series.


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We have warehouses in Spain and the USA. Not all of the products we make are available in both locations, but drop us a line and we’ll do our best to figure out how to get you the products you need!

  • Designer

    I used to think of myself as a designer who invented products to be manufactured. Now, although factories and processes like slip-casting ceramics with moulds still fascinate me, I have come to realize that a small business can only afford to make a very small collection. The investment, time and quantity minimums are huge . Warehousing on two continents is complex.  Issues arise that are completely out of my control (like a pandemic!) Design is not only aesthetics and feel, its about how an object works, and the devil is in the details.

  • Maker

    I love to work with clay, it’s immensely tactile, satisfying, and therapeutic!

    Designing and developing a product for manufacturing takes months, whereas the cycle times for studio ceramics are much shorter and the options and variations are endless. I like to make families of products, refining forms, optimising functionality, experimenting with different clay bodies and techniques, textures, sizes... glazing is yet another avenue of infinite possibilities. To handmake a piece from start to finish is a delight.

  • My Etsy shop

    Etsy is a great venue to explore ideas and connect with customers. I connect with my customers differently through Etsy than with traditional retail shops, and I get important feedback, reviews and photos.

    Having an Etsy shop lets me get my hands messy with clay and make one-of-a-kind ceramics. As an entrepreneur, I easily get sucked into business operations, so with Etsy I find a balance between my office desk and creative time in my pottery studio. I’ve found Etsy to be a great partner to showcase my ceramics worldwide.

    my etsy shop

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