• To me these vases look like mini spring snow-women, (not snowmen!) Made in porcelain, these unusual, modular bud vase components stack and the different components are glazed with matte and glossy tinted hues to create individual family members. Each section is meticulously slip cast, hand-finished, then glazed separately before assembling the sections which are fired at a high temperature to fuse together.

  • As 3D modelling and printing evolves I am exploring ways to create things that I might not be able to with traditional methods. This geometric cat was 3D printed in a glass composite -- I'd like to make an enormous sculpture that people could climb on and interact with. Inspired by our two beautiful family kitties, it's interesting how 3D technology invites a different aesthetic and possibilities.

  • Glass bottles re-imagined, re-designed, re-blown and re-used into NEW shapes and uses! Brand new Up-cycled beauties! These textured glass bottles have been re-heated, re-blown and transformed into delightful new shapes. Home decor for the eco-conscious: decorative vases or simply beautiful bottles. The original bottle texture is retained in the new design. Limited Edition: dimensions vary from piece to piece tall bottle: 30 cm tall, 9.5 cm diameter small bottle: 26.5 cm tall, 9.5 cm diameter