How to keep your Orchids Blooming

How to keep your Orchids Blooming

Orchids are one of my favorite flowers, but when I lived in Upstate New York, sadly, my orchids did not flourish. Living in Barcelona is another story, my orchids are living in paradise. The upstairs bathroom is warm and sunny and gets just the right misty atmosphere when we take showers. But I've also learned how to take better care of my orchids, once a week I soak them in water with a spoonful of liquid guano fertilizer for a few hours...this really works! My orchids bloom and re-bloom and re-bloom, it is amazing.

Right now I have five orchids blooming...I feel happy every time I walk into my bathroom and am greeted with this burst of flowers :) My orchids are thriving and the greenhouse atmosphere in the master bathroom is very satisfying.

Although I grew up in Hawaii, orchids have always held this magic, exotic appeal for me. I'm a lazy gardener, I like to find plants that grow like weeds and can then be left to their own devices. In Cataluyna we have these purple irises that thrive in our rocky, dry, soil. I started out with five bulbs in my garden and now we must have a hundred. The irises did need to be split and replanted once, and will probably need splitting again some day, but they really have been incredibly low-maintenance. It's a matter of finding the right plant for your eco-system and letting nature take its course. If only everything were this simple and beautiful. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy my orchids.

This is the liquid fertilizer that my orchids love! Once a week I soak them in water with about a tablespoon of this fertilizer, they sit for a few hours and then I drain the water. For orchids this must be like growing in a tropical rain forest, because they are flourishing like never before. A little guano fertilizer, the right watering schedule, and a warm, sunny room = amazing orchids.

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