Strawberry-Watermelon slushy

Strawberry-Watermelon slushy

In the summertime my appetite and cravings change 180°. I love the heat, but I crave refreshing fruits and salads. Especially living in Spain, where we are blessed with some amazing fresh produce, so expect to see a lot of vegetarian recipes over the next few months.

On the whole my kids are pretty good eaters, though my 15 year old is rebelling against everything: this includes vegetables that he has happily eaten for years.

So I'm serving more fruit.

Lunch dessert -- did you have lunch dessert growing up? It seems to have become a requirement in our household, though I only remember lunch dessert at my grandmother's house where we also had afternoon tea with homemade cookies every day.

So although Lucas would like to eat hamburgers, bacon, pasta, bagels and ice cream every day (remember those teen carb years?), for lunch dessert we had a summer fave of mine that he seems to have appreciated, strawberry-watermelon slushies. These are literally the easiest thing in the world to make...3 ingredients.

Strawberry-Watermelon Slushy



mint leaves

Chop and freeze a few cups of watermelon and strawberries for an hour or so. Don't let the fruit freeze to solid ice or it becomes hard to blend. Mix with a couple of mint leaves in a blender. Serve in a tall glass.

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