Passion Fruit Lassi

Passion Fruit Lassi

Passion fruit, or lilikoi, as this fruit is called in Hawaii, has a wonderful, acidic, citrus flavor. It is so hot right now in Spain that all I want are cool, refreshing drinks and to jump in the pool regularly. Indian yogurt lassis are so easy to make, and now that I have found a store that sells frozen passion fruit purée, these are made in minutes...

Indian lassis are often made with mango or banana and can be very sweet, but the passion fruit has a tart flavor that I especially love. Maybe this should be called a Hawaiian lassi :)

 Passion fruit lassi served in a Posy cup on a Posy plate from the Big Arrow-Maia Ming collection.


2 cups unsweetened greek yogurt

2 cups passion fruit purée

1 cup milk

3-4 tablespoons honey

cardamom seeds to sprinkle on top

Simply blend the cold yogurt, passion fruit, milk and honey together until frothy. If you like it really cold, use frozen passion fruit purée or add a little ice. Serve in a beautiful cup, sprinkle cardamom seeds on top, and enjoy!

(The cardamom adds a spicy little zing to the lassi.)

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