My 7 Favorite Macaron Recipes

My 7 Favorite Macaron Recipes

In 2017 my blog has a high number of macaron recipe posts, and I confess that 2017 was my year of the MACARON OBSESSION. I made macarons nearly every week and shared many of my recipes in this blog. Browsing through my favourite recipes, I realized that I got pretty good at making macarons! I baked with different nuts: almond, pistachio, walnut, sesame, macadamia, hazelnut...and different fillings: jams, curds, chocolate ganaches, cheeses...and different ways of colouring and decorating the shells. But my main focus was on developing delightful flavour combinations, especially for fruity flavours.

A word of encouragement to fellow macaron bakers: At first I found macarons very difficult and intimidating. Many batches failed, but over time I dialled in my technique and gained confidence. Making macarons really is a matter of time and practice -- and there are always volunteers to eat less-than-perfect macarons! Good luck to you in your macaron endeavours, please send me your best recipes.

My 7 favorite macaron recipes:

1) Hawaiian Macadamia nut macarons

2) Rhubarb Birthday Macarons

3) Hazelnut-Nutella Macarons

4) Pistachio Macarons

 5) Unforgettable Earl Grey and Lemon Macarons

6) Strawberries and Cream Macarons

7) Cherry Tomato Macarons

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