Grilled Watermelon and Goat Cheese

Grilled Watermelon and Goat Cheese

In the summer I use our barbecue a lot, especially when it feels too hot to cook indoors. After years of having a charcoal BBQ, we now use a gas grill...which may not be so purist, but is so convenient! We also have a wonderful SPARQ soapstone griddle that serves as a barrier from the flames, the food cooks evenly and chars less, which is so much healthier. Soapstone is heavy, but the griddle is easy enough to lift off and clean once cooled.  (

In the summer we live off watermelon, especially strawberry-watermelon slushies (

Watermelon with goat cheese is an interesting combination, both in salads and grilled. I've made this grilled watermelon three times with three different goat cheeses. A crumbly, semi-soft cheese with a rind is what I would recommend for this recipe. The first time I made it the cheese became too rubbery, and the second time the cheese was too liquid and gooey. The third time was best, but I might change the ratio of watermelon to cheese a bit and use a thicker and wider slice of chèvre. Once you find the right cheese, there are only 3 other ingredients!


watermelon, cut and sliced to approximately the same size as your cheese slice

goat cheese, semi-soft and crumbly with a rind, not too strong

fresh mint leaves, diced

ground almond powder

Heat up the grill and let the cheese cook until soft but still whole. (I may try baking the cheese in the oven next time if I can brave turning on my oven!)

Add the watermelon and grill lightly on one side.

Remove the watermelon from grill and top with the cheese, mint leaf garnish and a sprinkling of almond powder.

Serve on a beautiful plate!

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