Galettes de Sarrasin - Buckwheat crepes

Galettes de Sarrasin - Buckwheat crepes

I've always liked these savoury French crepes, but only tried making them last week when Max had a craving for them. Galettes de Sarrasin are a little different than sweet crepes. First of all, they use buckwheat flour and water instead of wheat flour and milk. Second of all, they are hard to flip without breaking, but with a bit of practice, or two frying pans, this can be managed.

Buckwheat flour has no gluten, which I imagine is why these crepes are more fragile, but this is an added benefit for those of you who are gluten sensitive.


3 cups buckwheat flour (330 grams)

(in French buckwheat flour is called "farine de blé noir" or "black wheat flour")

1.5 teaspoons salt (10 grams)

3 cups plus 3 tablespoons of cold water (75 centiliters)

1 egg

emmenthal cheese, slices or grated

sliced ham

Mix the flour, salt, water and egg together thoroughly and leave in a bowl to chill in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.

Put a pat of butter or cooking oil in a frying pan and heat up. The first crepe is never as perfect as the later ones after the pan is heated and greased.

If you use a smaller frying pan, you will have to make more crepes, but they will be easier to turn. The amount of batter used will depend on the diameter of your pan. Pour enough in to spread all around without making a thick layer. The buckwheat flour takes a bit longer to cook than regular wheat flour. Once the first side is browned, carefully flip the crepe over. You can use a spatula or flip the crepe onto a plate and then back into the frying pan.

Place first the cheese and then the ham flat on the crepe and let the cheese begin to melt. Then fold the sides over so that your crepe is folded in three. Cook until the cheese is melted and soft.

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